Roller Blinds

In the last decade roller blinds have become one of the most popular blinds.

Not only are they durable but available in a wide range of fabrics to suit every room in your home. Stylishly elevating your kitchen or playfully enhancing your toddlers’ room.

Roller Blinds can endure harsh sunlight making them a perfect option for your holiday home. In the up position they will welcome the outdoors in while allowing various degrees of privacy as they are lowered.

Another plus point is that they are easy to operate and easy to maintain. You will find them in three ranges to match your unique requirements:

Shadeweave Translucent

The sheer fabric of these blinds filters the light, protecting your furniture by keeping out the heat and glare while still allowing you to view the outdoors.

Standard Sunfilter

They block direct sunlight while filtering the light and also provides privacy.

Standard Block Out

They are great for darkening a TV room, study or bedroom.

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